Wednesday, November 27, 2013

No! 搵笨 IV!

I would never know this news if sister don't whatsapp me or until I surf fb jus now
He suicide by jump from a building where my sister will pass by to work
And it's only 2 mins distance
I advised sis n concerns her too
She said she saw still got blood
It's terrible, just hope sis when pass by, can pray and wish him RIP
He, my sister friend
Though different course but at least they know each other's
It's kind of heartache and sad for this young guy
Everyone has their own life, we got no right to justify how the others live
He chosen his path which he thinks it's the best way
Just to encourage youth generation nowadays 
Think twice, think of your parent that feed you to grow until adult
You leave easily this second, u leave sadness for them a whole life 
A lot of ppl wanted to live but they are not given second chance
This remind me
Kit, my lovely yet steady buddy
He leave us though years
But every single moments, we miss you always 
December coming soon.. Time flies, you leave us almost 3 years ord

No matter how, do love yourself love your life love your family and the one you loved
Appreciate and RIP for those you've chosen your way

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

No! 搵笨 III!

What a sick day
MC n sleep at home
Sore throat since Saturday
Finally.. Really fall sick
Fine, just MC n sleep at home
Tmwr salary day! Yay! Horray!
Recently very pokai
Dunno where my money gone
It's either flight ticket, shopping or dining
Really can't recall why my money gone and I'm so pokai
Today is Tuesday and another 3 days! Weekend <3
And great to hear that sister going to sg working start from next Sunday til cny
Haha, I got excuse to go sg again Liao 

Hohoho, Xmas is coming soon :p
Wait a mins, medicine taking effect d
Damn sleepy
Stop blogging
Gonna sleep and have a sweet dream
Night <3

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

No! 搵笨! II

Everything feels so not right now
How to fix it?
How to escape from these
Feels so suffocating
Don't know how to face it
Just wish to stop everything right now 

Friday, November 15, 2013

No! 搵笨! I

今天也不例外,只是今天是我纯粹自拿假, 想赖在家

Oyishiiiii :D




他送了我一个Burberry 钱包,Paul frank tee, 小狗抱枕,
他也买了king koilの床给我,要我睡得好。



Dear lord, may your strength be with me whenever I need you be there for me.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Ok, it's been awhile I din update my bloggy
Let me summarize overall before I wanna post some nonsense 
Recently met quite lots of friends
And found that recently I don't have to pay for my meal
Especially kaw kaw meal
This is the benefit as lady I guess x)
So I met with Vinn tan, dinner @ Ishin old kiang road, a super kaw Japanese restaurant where their sashimi kills me. Freaking yummylicious! Of course, bill around rm230, thanks Vinn for the treat. Next round is my turn for the bill, marini 57! kamsahaminda~
Then met with hui, seremban famous crab bakar, such a gentlemen that come from malacca to nilai then down to seremban and nilai again. Of course, sinful crab, kill'em all! Bill about rm130. Again, I'm eating free for it. X) kamsahaminda ~
Then outing with colleagues, Zamia sushi @sunway. Salmonssss nom nom.. Bills? Hahaha, I'm eating free again for the rm120 bill XD kamsahaminda ~
Last Monday I met with Woen since he came down from AS. Sushi tei@ setiawalk. Actually I'm planning to treat Woen as I appreciate him as a fren that I should treat him better since long ago. But Woen insist to pay for it again.. Kamsahaminda ~ a great chit chat night with him & Thomad lee farn.
Then Thursday & Friday get colleagues treat McD breakfast n Jeff for the old town supper. I feel so hang fuk & sinful~ kamsahaminda ~
Yesterday outing with buddy Kyle @ gardens, thanks for the lunch n komugi is so niceeee ~ kamsahaminda~
That's it.. Hopefully I din missed out anyone that pay for my meal. 
So here start my nonsense post.

When these pic doesn't appear in insta, it means it'll b in my bloggy.
The result of work hard on gym recently.

I shall work hard more on tummy n butterfly hand XD 
Aza aza exercise more!

Cheese muffin made by colleagues :) yummy

To prove to my colleagues that my language last time quite good
Somehow I dunno why now I got language barrier already ._.
Speak or written so cacat

Trophies that made my parents proud for us
70% belongs to me 'winks'

Oh.. My height used to be quite "tall" last time
Now getting short and I dunno why.. Haha
But weight quite maintain

Team building I shows my talent on drawing
Monkey loves banana ~ team name crazy monkey!

Too big size for me so din buy this but get another pieces of Paul frank!

This is my 志同道合 eh colleagues, we share same shopping, travel n food topic. We loves branded stuff, like to eat nice foods, travel n we both same pattern. That's y ppl cal me 串,cal her 跩。 Josephine, my lovely colleague.

Recently like to dress red or wear red shoes to work. Same as Josephine. That's why we both so ngam. Same gepo. XD

Overall nonsense I post
Never 按例出章
So this is my cincai bloggy for today
Not working for Monday & Tuesday!
Yay thanks company for the holiday 
But I'm going to sleep & have fun for my 2 days holiday!

Night peng & stay tuned a better bloggy post :*

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

噢,脱吧! I

Here comes October!!
I should post yesterday but yesterday bit lazy
So here comes October!
My lovely October~
30th sep, last day of sept! typical OL lady suit for Monday super blueeeeyyy
Chubby bear .. I mean me peng XD 

Tuesday outfit 1st October
Yes I'm a shorty! XD fatty soon :(

Wear skirt can't play gym.. Geram..
Do more exercise, bye tummy bye carrot leg. Hehehe
Way to de-stress~with colleagues

That's all for today sin
Saje cincai update my bloggy

Night :* peng

Saturday, September 21, 2013

色 tempo II

I can't believe I work from 8am until 5am 
I just arrived home
And I don't know whether I can fall sleep or not
But for sure
I need a good rest
That's all for today
Good morning people
Good night to myself peng
Sweet dream~

Friday, September 20, 2013


Starting my post today
Happy moon cake festival people!
I wish to celebrate and back home for reunion dinner
But, I just finish work at 11.30pm
Back to home, already 12am..haven't shower, haven't dinner
Gastric due to no eat or because I ate few slides of moon cake 
No idea why tummy not feeling good
Recall back yesterday the same time I back to home
Extremely exhausted
Fall sleep terus, skipped dinner n no shower 
My team stay back with me together
We try to solve everything
Now, today is last day to solve everything
40% left.. Not sure can we done by end of Friday
This is the pay after holiday I back from few trips
This morning rush to bank, pay 3k outstanding balance, terminate the credit card
Finally, I reduced my 4 credit cards into only one citibankcard left to use
The next gonna settle is ptptn loan 
Not a good feeling carrying so many debts
Then rush back to office to handle my team
Now seeing fb, insta everyone post about moon cake festival
I wish to play tanglung, celebrate with family and friends
But.. We can't..
Too many things happens and I don't know how to describe and write down
No more energy to write more already
Hopefully I sleep now, wake and settle all
And I want fully utilize my weekend!
Lastly happy moon cake festival ppl! :3 <3
Sleeeeep.. Night :)
Will update some interesting post if I'm free on weekend later~
Stay tuned peng!

Saturday, August 24, 2013


今天,其实没打算要写部落格,却想写下此刻脑海里的东西。今天,开始想起了,以前。以前,所谓的以前,我有些事不怎么能记得。大概记得2011年和2012年过得很难过。2011年,他离开了。看着旧照片,幼儿园开始一起成长的记忆,忘不了的。那个陪着我回家,聆听我内心的那一个我的世界,照顾我,哄我的他,就在这瞬间,在医院,什么都来不及说的,就这样离开了。2011年的12月,日子很灰,大家见面时,总是鼓励着对方,要坚强地活下去,你说的,我们很steady,我们要steady. 就是大伙的每天鼓励,见面,安慰,我们接受了,你离开了,却心还是疼的。2012年,依稀记得日子过的很灰,每天想的大概都是他,心痛了,哭了,累了,伤心的。他,我说他是我的初恋,都是我说的。一直以来的一相情愿,后来才明白。原来我们都没有开始过,也谈不上分手这件事。只能说,太爱了,却不会去爱,对不起,我没有谈恋爱的经验,我把场面搞得很难堪,朋友做不成了,讨厌,是你能做的。没想过2012年的很多话,我没想到后果造成的误会,是会造成你的伤害。以前我会在网络的世界里,说很多的话中伤了你,对不起,现在我体会到了,别人在骂我的时候,是怎样的一个体会。我不骂人了,我也不说伤害别人的话了。再也不了,有时候说的话,好比利刃,万般割在心头上。我嘲笑你的感情失败,却在同时感受了当初自己的失败,那种滋味,才明白,伤害了别人,会伤到自己的,这就是karma。沉默,是最好的。2013年,我尝试想挽回这一个朋友,想珍惜相遇这缘分,想珍惜这位朋友,可笑的,我在我们当不成朋友的那一刻到现在这一刻,我删除了所有的一切,照片,电话号码,讯息,我们的所有关系的点点滴滴,有关你的一切一切,部落格,微博,照片,我清除了,清楚了。我不会再提起你了,当个陌生人是最好的。谢谢你会记得这么一个我的生日。我不打扰了你的生活,生命中,总会有许多过客,我想我是其中的那一位。今天,看清了,再怎么爱的爱,是多么的卑微,卑贱的。我对你的爱,被践踏了,被遗忘了,是谁呢,不,是我自己。2013年的今天,对自己说 "你看清了你自己,多爱爱自己,好吗?两年的时间,你没了。"往后的日子里,别再提起,说起,想起。这是最后一次,我坦诚我忠于现在的感受。这也是我最后一次,提起你了,这个文章,就是结局了。

"You hold in your hands a great secret..."

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

欧格式 VII

Today is just so awesome
Too bad I really tak larat to share all here
Linkin park concert! Why ended so fast? Come again next year pleas :D
No matter how, really love them, like their songs
Enjoy this concert!!!

By the way
Today happened things again
Nothing can say
It must be so called " admirer"

D: I'm not willing to comment him anything
Somehow I just dislike the way you treat me
Can you just treat me normal as colleague and don't too over?
This gonna pissed me off
I'm seriously, not kidding.

Damn, excited yet tired
Gonna sleep with my linkin park dream :)
Recently too much blog I guess
Gonna MIA for awhile..
Damn last time ppl use this word to describe me
Even dee, Steron, Steve all say I always MIA
Hmm.. Cincai la
I just need a rest

Saturday, August 17, 2013

欧格式 VI

I still working
That's the reason I hate 3rd week every month
Accrual week
Work until 12am can't escape 
Yet still can't finish the work now
Because I'm too tired and work load is too much
Preferable tomorrow wake early and settle it
I must finish my report for Monday
Or else my linkin park concert gg
Whole day didn't open fb insta or even pick up call! 
Damn it
Now only manage to reply all message in whatsapp or urgent things
If you wanna compare and complain saying u work hard and lots of work
Think about us
My colleague work until 5am and slept only 2 hours then come to work
We not only busy on peak month but is every month!
No matter how must clear everything tomorrow
So that next week my holiday only can fully enjoy til the max!
My eyes so freaking tired after whole day look at pc
Sumore cried coz too tension
Since when is the last time I cried?
Seems like I got no choice to release my tension by cry
Alright now
My tiny brain
Need some rest
1.02am already!
Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppp~ I miss my bed! Ohhhhhh~

Thursday, August 15, 2013

欧格式 V

Today will be long post to share
Today another good day and scary day
Yet something dilemma me as well
Chat with my buddy till late night 1am yesterday 
And jus now had a pillow talk with chai ling

Scary day is when I driving jus now
A lorry carrying tons of stones and sands pass by my car
Actually I try to avoid those stones Kena my car mirror
Suddenly a sound bomb n the lorry tyre burst
Luckily the lorry din lost control
Or else I think it wil langgar me
I dunno should I say lucky or what 
Just need to be careful when drive

Talk bout good day!
We going Japan next year! Hurray!
Happiness always happens with my friends
Yet I had a serious topic chat with chai ling too
Because shin talked me something
That changed my mind
"Where is my next destination"
I changed my field from science to finance
I gave up the senior position, lead position 
Now become only level 4 as finance executive
I can't or even able to climb up to the level where I've been thru before
Due to my irrelevant background
Shin asked me
"Think about it, back to the place where you should be, you'll get what you deserved and what you need"
Chai ling ask me to think about it properly
Because I got no more time to waste n try new thing 
She ask me work in sg

I need a think
Clear of my mind
Where shall I go
Where shall I leave
Nobody knows the way it gonna be
Its my choice
It's my life
A same mistake u can't make it twice, if it happened, it's your choice

I guess I will really need a think when national day holiday that week
After enjoy my holiday at hatyai
Throw away everything 
Time to think about it
For right now
I need to focus on accrual report due next week
And linkin park concert next week!
Yay, they are my man! 
The concerts that I willing to spend money for only Eason Chan, linkin park n Mayday
Other than that even though I like too
But still not that level yet for me to go and watch it live
Alright peng
For now
Clear off your tiny peanut brain and think about it later after your trip
Then prepare for your future

Now not only I have to think of career future but my real future
Weevi said something weird to me that I can't even believe 
And one of my colleague as well
I dunno is it the way I treat people gave them wrong signal so now that things happened 
they keep asked me try for it since I'm single now
For honestly, and sorry Weevi, I'm phobia of alor setar people
The only one I loved the most, hurt the most
You're a good guy, but I'm a bad girl, I don't deserve you and I can't give things you want
And to my colleague, W
I know you treat me really really good
But, no feel is really cant force and
I quite enjoy my current single life
So.. I try to avoid this topic but someday I'll face it though
Haiz, don't wanna think it right now peng..
25 years old single not a big deal, think bout other things better
You stupid peng...

You can do it
You can do it better!
I don't even know I'm talking about
Fine, sleep better
Perhaps a sweet dream (= ̄ ρ ̄=) ..zzZZ

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

欧格式 IV

Today is a perfecto day :3
Lots of wonderful things happened on me
Too much and amazing
I don't even know how to share my happiness here 
It's too beautiful in my life 

The feeling of set myself free
It's so relieved
It's wonderful 
I love myself
Yes, I do


I'll tell you the answer for my life

"Yes, I do"
This I promise you.

P/s: studying & preparing Korean language for my Korea trip next year! 
Fighting :3

Sunday, August 11, 2013

欧格式 III

I just back from dinner
Today is an amazing day
Supposing I met dee at 1U
Ended up went to her newly renovated house
And things Unbelivable happens
we go from 1U to bukit bintang pinchio Spanish food restaurant
Because ah Yun dated the artist 李心洁
I can't believe that I sit down same table sit right beside her for dinner
She is really frenly and nice
Most important she stil that pretty without make up 
She is polite and she treat us for the dinner
I'm so regret I din take pic wit her
Because she want a relax dinner and if I did so then I feel very kampong girl
Nobody gonna trust it without picture as prove
However, I know, dee know, ah Yun know because they are fren with Xin Jie
And I feel glad to had such awesome and wonderful dinner tonight
I love my day 
With lerjane lersis lerbell cuties
Thanks lord :)
I love my life and friends and family 
I love you <3

Trust me, I no lies
I did really had dinner with Xin Jie jus now
We chat and we had fun
Nice memories :* 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

欧格式 II

依稀记得 大约凌晨 3 点才回家
我的麻吉们都很绅士 照顾我
酒醒了 我才知道
对上一次喝酒 应该是四月飞去烂蕉仪喝的那次

早上还开心的和Jason去puchong donutes cafe 喝下午茶
请了我很多的甜点 和 茶
我 很少会束发
感觉不错 ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

本来喝完下午茶,要去1U 和大伙见面
欣然想起 license 打从五月就过期了
好彩没 road block 
被大伙说我 大头虾 忘东忘西
都说了 我的脑袋只有花生粒那么小
哈哈 不过没关系,昨晚发现不是只有我一人license过期
Alvin 和 Choy 也是 :D
钱没了 T T
发夹也遗漏在喝酒的地方 :/

在等待Alvin 载我去giza喝酒时 拍的
不束发 因为要喝酒 不能变乖乖女

醉, 吐,睡,醒

睡醒 开始 pei chek 
没睡好 一副憔悴的模样
而且 不能再睡了
炖了3 小时
太会煮饭了 :D

今天 闲在家休息打扫房间 整理整理
部落格一下 听歌两下 做运动三下 😄

再用米粒般的脑袋瓜想想 (°_°)
还有什么忘记做 还有欠谁钱


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

欧格式 I

Now, I unpack my luggage 
My 4 days plan in Penang is ended and holiday still keep going until 12aug
It's tired coz we go by 2 cars, I have to drive coz another car is Penang Lang 
Well,ill back to kl earlier so .. It's been awhile I din drive for such long journey 
Usually either I take flight or other ppl fetch me
So, wake early at 5am, drive from nilai to cyber pick up n then puchong n then depart all the way to Penang
Because wan Ying n Biwen dunno how to drive
So..I drive for this trip..
Feeling heartache coz nearly accident on highway n I can feel my car very hurt on gear box n brake
I shouldn't did so.. So gan Jeong then ...
It's my mistake.. Will check again when service later..sorry my little blue 
When arrive Penang pun quite sleepy already
Extremely tired when I up til alor setar, just a short stop
Planning is pray soon sen but seems like everyone is busy and I also can't go to temple
So just a short visit to dee's dad shop and find ah Jian
Haha, Biwen admire ah Jian got 6 packs! Haha
Sorry ah Jian, u keep ask me when to treat u, ern, I'll find a time to come again la
But.. Haha, got chance one, hutang u first har..

4 days in Penang totally no plan, free & easy,
No idea what to do when your Penang Lang eh colleague also dunno where to go
Penang, I'm not first time come, but always other ppl plan for me n I just follow only
But this time just feel like back to home 
Eng eng boh dai ji zuo
So, just walk around and found sth usually din see one

Goh kaki, a place for high tea
I like the fishy..colorful

Hot weather but ngamngam aunt visit, no cold drinks allowed =(
But fruit juice without ice also nice =)

Then go to see art, as usual Lo. Hot weather.

Hehe, it's a must to take pic with wall painting?

Love this pic, so artistic. :)

Overall, thanks my colleagues that provide us accommodation
And be driver when In island even though I pun have to drive your vios
And overall is relaxing trip as supposing planning is go up Thailand
Some of us din bring passport
Sigh.. Thai plan failed :(
And Penang Lang dunno where to go..
Thanks Vinn and edwin both AS lang recommend some nice place for lunch & tea
And I met Vinn @ straits quay and had a tea time together
He is a very nice guy :)
Too bad habit art cafe din open when we in As that time 
Nvm then..
Relaxing trip as we speak hokkien
Eat nice foods, walk around, pillow talk
Pillow really talk a lot
No idea why I cried..haha
"Come back to me" this song..keep repeating
Drunk maybe..ya, I do really love him
Not like, but love. This is the reason why I haven't let him go away from my heart afters years 
He is the only reason
And he will never know
Because he never love me, am I right?
I'm imperfect, I couldn't give things that he wants..
But ended is ended
I can't stop him from getting his life better
I got no right to stop anyone, beg anyone
Wish is the best way

Penang, really is a nice place
Everyone is friendly
Northam, this place remind me, day of soon sen discharge from hospital n v had dinner together here
With dee, dee family, soon sen family
All smile happily..
I feel so regret for couldn't attend the funeral
And now even in AS also can't go n pray you
I promise I'll get a time n chance to make it

if company announcement earlier bit
Then I shouldn't be here 
Off from 2aug til 12aug le.. I shall buy airticket n get away from here
But since last mins inform, last mins planning
Can't hiam :) sumore imagine days before holiday how we rush, how we push, how we all stay until 12am
So now relax, enjoy holiday n don't think bout it
As I said " live for work, work for life"
We, will get a better life :)

Today got another good news is
I got my body check report! Hehe, clear!
Means I'm a healthy person. No sickness! = )
I love myself, I love mylife and enjoy it.
Hmm.. What am I gonna do for the rest of holiday?
Lets see how :)
Alright, gonna sleep
Been drive back for long journey
Blog also messy
Fine, reblog with a better topic tomorrow :)
Night ~

Sunday, July 21, 2013

猪来 III

After been stuck in hospital for 29hours and I'm discharged :)
Well, testing will be done in Australia, report come out in 2 weeks time
I can't do anything, just pray result is negative because SLE can't cure and will lead to fatal :'(
God bless, finger crossed *wink*
So definitely weekend is here
Fun time again~
When 230pm Kyle whatsapp me saying he is coming
I thought he is kidding coz I'm still ironing my clothes n eng eng Bo dai ji (lepak) 
But when a new altis outside my house
Gosh, he is really here..
Lol, I rush in 5mins to change clothes and wear lens
Why we go so early to the mall if we wanted to watch 830pm MOS?
Because we wanna shopping!!!
Hang out with edward and andrew too
1 lady vs 3 guys
Feels like I'm a little pig with 3 wolf XD ( there's a restaurant named 3 little pig & wolf )
In fact I feel I'm the park ha in Korean drama name "the rooftop prince"
She got 4 guys accompany
Now I got 3 only coz missing Kah Seang the prince lol lol lol *cry laugh* because he back to Penang hometown
Again I controlled myself from buying the pandora bracelet 
It's nice but.. Take some time for me to make it complete
When pass by gardens Burberry
Gosh, shopping devil is attracting me ..
I want to buy Burberry again :(
But I got no budget for it
Alright, don't dream anymore, okay?
Before movie, definitely have to settle dinner
Wrong timing because buka puasa, everywhere Also full with people
So we got no choice have to eat Korean food at gardens which at least no long queue and stil got seats for us one
Overall ok ok only
Then movie MoS also so so for me only
Finished movie at 10pm then supper at cyberjaya :)
That's all for my great day :)
The reason I blogging during 2am right now because I just came back and out from bath
While waiting my hair is drying, so I wanna write down sth wonderful today
It's quite sometime I did not selfca becoz my face getting chubby :( working hard on this XD 
So share one over here : D
Alright gonna sleep, it's 232am, my liver need rest ~~

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Today is a good day and is a bad day

Lets start with bad thing first because I want a good ending
Bad thing happened because due to my mistake 
I can't blame others 
I wash all my clothes and get a call something emergency happened so 
I forgot to keep all my dry clothes into the house
I never thought that sunny hot day turns to rain when I out for 30 mins
Damn the moment I shout Ccb mcb mtfkrs inside my heart when i saw my clothes get dirt
Due to it falls in the drain
Is my stupid mistake, I should keep it all before I go out
Fine I have to do laundry again
Darn some clothes expensive n leceh to wash de le! Especially the fcuk brand shirt
Sum ore do facial today
Face all dots dots now.. Urgh....

Alright alright calm down calm down peng
Talk bout something makes my day
I went out early to mall this morning 
To get a farewell pressie on behalf of my team
So these are the pressie~
More than $200 :|

And bought something for dee n myself too :)
I'm in love with this brand
Even though it's bit costly
It's more classic compared to Thomas sabo
Well just a charm, I will make it full with bracelet someday <3

And just had a long night pillow talk with Michelle at living room
She asked me bout my long old story
I can't remember all coz I forgotten some 
When come to topic branded
Hahha now I can remember I got this
I should send it to shop for polish since long time ago
She reminded me I got this precious branded before

The next is my first watch ever
Fossil <3
But I have to send back to fix because of the leather strap opened up
Asked fossil shop, they said need to send back to their factory at ampang if I want the ori same color
Hmm..I'm thinking should I get it another color of strap?

I like my everything with all the money I earn and I spent
I feel I'm the happiest lady for this moment as I own things than others might not
Thanks god for blessing me always
I earn, I spent, I save and I use
Most important, I love..
The next I guess I shall buy a Tiffany stuff and a tissot watch
Hmm.. Xmas present for myself maybe 😇
Treat myself better for work hard on it

Ops, it's already 2am
Alright gonna sleep
Tmwr gonna hang out with buddy :)
Goodnight Michelle coz a long night accompany at living room jus now 
Wish you got a good sleep
And of course
Sleep well peng <3

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

猪来 I

我 才刚放工
10pm- 11pm 的live meeting
靠 下次可不可以不跟美国时间啊?
真的很折磨 eh
终于熬过了 我也没什么认真的听他们说些什么
管你的 总之 现在赶完了明天要交的报告
好久都没说的 tata!

Sunday, June 23, 2013


It's 0139am
Just back from movie World War Z
With 3 猛男
Kyle andrew and Kah Seang
Korea BBQ as dinner
World war z movie
Drive thru McD for a Sundae cone as supper dessert :)
So overall this movie is not bad story line
Just the part where the zombie doctor in the WHO laboratory
He keep make the sound using his teeth "Kat Kat Kat Kat"
Its annoyed and geli
At the same time
Weevi told me he also just came back from movie as well
Yeah, world war Z too.
So chat awhile with him before I off to bed
Seems like he is ok and can went to movie
So I mean he is alright
It's a great day for me
Coz I got so many guys accompany me
I'm one of the lucky girl in this world, right?
: D
Yawn~ so sleepy!
Tomorrow going to choose a new keyboard for myself!
Upgrade hur.. This time take Casio or Yamaha?  61 keys or 88 keys?
Hmm.. Lets see how tomorrow~
Alright, gonna sleep..zzz

Saturday, June 22, 2013


此刻 我终于赶完了手头上的工作
回来洗澡吃晚餐已经很迟了10点半开始写报告 边看running man
Weevi忽然we chat 我
今天被Turkey的同事send email shoot到半死
想想星期四晚放工 我没吃晚餐 洗了澡就倒头大睡了
只能乱说废话 企图让他别让他那么郁闷
可是安慰别人 我不怎么会
要安慰别人 我的脑也没力气想了吧
边写报告 边陪weevi聊聊天 边听2pm SNSD 的歌
没能反应些什么 就是谢谢你通知了我 帮我写了白金
做完了工作 三更半夜的妹妹
好了 要睡了
好了 睡咯!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

准 V

I just finished my work
Oh ya, I started my post with English not Chinese
This mean I m freaking exhausted
Tmr is deadline for submission
I saw my colleagues online too
Guess so we are rushing report
Been continuously work til 12m since yesterday
Imagine 630am wake n 7am go to work until 12am
Until now I still haven't open insta, twitter, flipboard and fb to see
No time and energy to see also
Nvm la, fb and insta also nth to see pun
Now only chit chat in whatsapp
Because we need discussion and gossip for
But today I decided to back on time
Because I want to work from home
So after I simply cook ABC soup as my dinner
Ya, just soup because by the time cooking the soup
I can go for shower and open my pappy and start to do my work
All ingredients just put in then wait for it
Only soup as dinner because I don't want heavy dinner
And no appetite since freaking tired too
Today daddy called me to complain bout sis
This morning he fetch sis go to lcct
But Sis didn't pick up Janet cal so Janet find me to contact her
So I called my dad ask him to ask sis to pick up Janet cal
Alright, daddy just wanna tell me the reason why sis din pick up cal
Because almost arrive lcct, she only realized she din bring her new Samsung note 2 along
And she catching her flight to Taiwan
So daddy have to rush for her and drive quite fast
That's why daddy call me jus now to complain
Haiz sis, hopefully u won't left or lost anything in Taiwan
Have a fun and safe journey
Most important help me buy my things, okay?
But I feel better after heard my day's voice as I'm freaking tired looking at reporting
Whenever comes to quarter end - mar, jun, sep n dec
Week 3 is the week I'll cry because reporting is so freaking killing me
This week ended faster please
So that I can rest next week onwards
Argh.. Gonna sleep now
I left only 6hours for sleep

Day by day, even it's not a good day. But I keep looking forwards the another nice day.
Good night!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

准 IV

Extremely tired today
Imagine I drive from nilai to seremban in the early of the morning 730am
Then from seremban rush to office at cyberjaya before 10am
As usual 10am meeting 
Then stay back till 730pm only finished work
Oh.. So you think only today I stay back late?
Actually almost everyday 
Even drive also feel like wanna fall sleep
Seeing the flight no matter airasia or MAS is flying across the sky front of me when driving
My eyes feel so heavy!
Tired ahhhhhhh...
By the way, today the doctor is so cute and smart and shine!
I mean the doctor I met in hospital this morning
His smile is so sweet until I'm melting
Fall in love with him on first sight!
Can't believe that I go onwards and ask his name
Omg omg lmao!
Not bad mah I'm wearing short skirt with make up too
Should b ok kot 
I mean not 失礼 mah at least
Hmm..he is younger than me a year but age is not a prob right?
Omg I'm syok sendiri?! Hahahahaha
By the way, he is really nice and I like him! Lol
Talk bout today
Karin is asking why linearity only 67% while we almost fully utilized the budget 1 billion.
Hello Karin, you better ask your Europe marketing team why they never do work efficient la
Still wanna blame us wah.. Cheh 
Another reason causing me stay back late because v busy playing my iPad mini
Icon pop mania is a fun games!
I caused most of my colleagues playing on it and we trying to solve it together
Luckily when the time driving back home the traffic is smooth and of course 100km/h is needed
Oh mama, pls let me go home on time tomorrow, ok? T T

Dear lord, appreciate a day even though with mess, because I know it's a challenge for me to test my patience and ability. I know, so the end of today, it's tiring but I know there's another day waiting for me. Look forward, move forward, think positive, live happily. Everything will be fine and nice, finger crossed. 

Don't misunderstand that I'm a Christian. I'm just a free thinker but with religion Buddhist. I went church as well as temple. As long as I believe there is god, so here you are. Seldom pray but praise inside my heart. This is the way how I be myself.

Keat, tired still can type so long. Lol
Actually when I type in English means I'm tired to type in Chinese
Alright, hopefully the next post will be in Chinese because this mean I'm not tired and
I like to type in Chinese
It's much more cute and funny when blogging
Thursday I wanna go and meet Kim Jong koo and lee min ho! Oppa! 나는 당신을 사랑합니다!!
Ouch, bed time story
Tonight songs - Gary 曹格 songs

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Today when on the way for lunch 
Sitting in Ryan new Honda accord
Radio is displaying gentleman by psy
Pei wen and Wilson seems dislike this song
However me and Ryan are quite enjoying this song 
Wilson " this song will get addicted"
Me " ok ah, quite funny"
Pei wen "yer.. Nice meh? Very annoying le"

So they asked " what song you like, Kat?"
Hmm.. Let me think...
So here it is ..

A nice with meaningful lyric from Mayday
" don't listen to soft and sad love song when you're not in the mood"

"Wedding dress"
It's surprising because rarely my male friends like Korea song except Weevi
But this song is highly recommended and now I found my kaki - Weevi 
Seriously Weevi I tot you like Japan Mika or Miko nia XD
I like Korea song since TVXQ during secondary school until now G dragon BigBang and SNSD
Japanese song I do like too coz of the real inspired me was " first love" this song
Actually not only songs but I also chase Korea and Japan drama ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆^_^

His new album 
My favorite singer and as we'll as his ex Britney's song

English songs I like all
Jazz R&B hip hop love song and so on
It's all depends on your mood today
Sad and slow love song
Club song fast and exciting
Jazz for peaceful and relaxing
It's all depends on your mood 

"Live your life with music
Music is my life "

Sunday, June 9, 2013

准 II

White tee short pants flipper on
That's the way of dress up with my pals outing
Everyone wearing the same style same colors
We are, friends machi buddy pals
Went for movie " Now you see me"
It's a nice tricky story and its nice.. Movie! Magic!
Good thing always when I use Citibank credit card
No matter old or new movies, it only rm10 for it
Whenever comes to shopping or dining
Definitely our pals got UOB, HSBC, CIMB, Maybank, PB and etc are ready for it
To enjoy the privilege of those cards
It's a wonderful Sunday
But too bad, shit does happened
My Starbucks tumbler where i bought from Taiwan is fall and broke
It's broken into 2 parts where inner and outer
Took a pic share to my pals whatsapp group chat
All tease me to buy a new one
"Now I see you" my buddy all laugh me
Sad ahhhh
Now I can understand Kah Seang feeling Liao
His new iPad iPhone Samsung note whatever new gadget confirm will fell on floor and screen cracked
Even his current new HTC also can't avoid the fate of drop on floor and send for warranty coz just newly bought a week
He told me he felt heartache when iPad fall and screen cracked then he can't sleep well
Now I know the feeling
Not dare to tease n laugh on him next time Liao
My tumbler gg already
Hopefully my sis going taiwan next week will get me a new one
Finally got a chance to sit in teana when yesterday lepak at cyber jays Starbucks
Ya, whose teana?
The one owner of Latio, triton and also teana - Kah Seang
Sorry coz I no treat dio u
Hahahahaha coz u always "wut" me to treat u
Btw, since u treat me so nice and so gentlemen also
Seriously next Time ill treat u back, I promised (^∇^)
It's almost bed Time story
Gonna listen to " mirror" this song before I sleep
Addicted to Justin timberlake new album
Seriously he is one of my favorite singer ever since N'sync
And lastly share a quote with you all before I ciao~

最重要的是学会 自爱"
"我爱你 说的太多次,就会变的很卑贱了"

Friday, May 24, 2013

昧。媚 V

今天是假期 却起的早 半夜四点的稀里哗啦大雨把浅眠的我弄醒了
在床上滚来滚去 熬到了八点

心血来潮煮了 早餐 红豆汤

边看 astro 边赶昨天没完成的工作 边玩 ipad mini
感谢excel file link太多formulation file所以 corrupted了
偏偏接近放工的时间 真是 ''搓屎''
只好乖乖呆在家 利用假期做给它完

午餐 煮了番茄豆腐汤
烧锅热油 稍微把切丁的番茄炒熟 加点点的糖让番茄的红素渗出
加入豆腐倒入开水煮个5分钟 依个人嗜好调味
简单 方便又 营养的汤

卖像 可能没那么美观 可是味道 不错哟~

晚餐 煮了炒饭
有蛋 江鱼仔 鱿鱼丝 香蒜 结合的饭
我个人评分可是很高哦 因为我煮的嘛~

把青瓜切片切丝 浸泡盐水保持脆度
放入冰箱冰镇 直到要上桌时
搭配蛋白质来源的蛋 铁质和钙质来源的鱿鱼丝 江鱼仔
碳水化合物的饭 总结合的炒饭


饭后玩玩 这可爱的游戏
''dumb ways to die''
免费下载 朋友们可以玩玩哦!

明天后天可以和朋友们出去玩了! Horray~
当然 两个礼拜前 无端端电话的所有联络不见了
所以从 11号后联络我的 不管是电话 还是简讯
看着全部陌生的号码 真是烦
我又不好意思问 ''你是谁''
哎 管你的
我在放假 对不对?

Holiday mood is turning ON! yeepee~

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

昧。媚 IV

"Happy birthday peng"

Thanks for everyone wishes
No matter message or whatsapp
Feel so sorry for couldn't read and reply all the wishes immediately
Coz of last 2 weeks some kind of iPhone apps crashed caused my contact all gone
Why don't copy and sync from iCloud?
Too bad I forgot to backup for more than 4months ord la!
That's the reason when I looking at those number.. Siapa ni? :(

521, a combination of 1, 2, and 5
These are my bday date, my favourite number
Even though I don't have real celebration for this year
But coincidence today also my boss, section manager Ryan birthday
It's not bad to have a small celebration with whole department, not a proper and formal celebration, however bday song warm up whole day and whole department.

As usual
" Happy birthday to myself "
Happy will go lucky, right? : )

Once again, thanks my friends for all the wishes. : ) gonna reply a thanks for those MSG n whatsapp now~