Sunday, June 23, 2013


It's 0139am
Just back from movie World War Z
With 3 猛男
Kyle andrew and Kah Seang
Korea BBQ as dinner
World war z movie
Drive thru McD for a Sundae cone as supper dessert :)
So overall this movie is not bad story line
Just the part where the zombie doctor in the WHO laboratory
He keep make the sound using his teeth "Kat Kat Kat Kat"
Its annoyed and geli
At the same time
Weevi told me he also just came back from movie as well
Yeah, world war Z too.
So chat awhile with him before I off to bed
Seems like he is ok and can went to movie
So I mean he is alright
It's a great day for me
Coz I got so many guys accompany me
I'm one of the lucky girl in this world, right?
: D
Yawn~ so sleepy!
Tomorrow going to choose a new keyboard for myself!
Upgrade hur.. This time take Casio or Yamaha?  61 keys or 88 keys?
Hmm.. Lets see how tomorrow~
Alright, gonna sleep..zzz

Saturday, June 22, 2013


此刻 我终于赶完了手头上的工作
回来洗澡吃晚餐已经很迟了10点半开始写报告 边看running man
Weevi忽然we chat 我
今天被Turkey的同事send email shoot到半死
想想星期四晚放工 我没吃晚餐 洗了澡就倒头大睡了
只能乱说废话 企图让他别让他那么郁闷
可是安慰别人 我不怎么会
要安慰别人 我的脑也没力气想了吧
边写报告 边陪weevi聊聊天 边听2pm SNSD 的歌
没能反应些什么 就是谢谢你通知了我 帮我写了白金
做完了工作 三更半夜的妹妹
好了 要睡了
好了 睡咯!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

准 V

I just finished my work
Oh ya, I started my post with English not Chinese
This mean I m freaking exhausted
Tmr is deadline for submission
I saw my colleagues online too
Guess so we are rushing report
Been continuously work til 12m since yesterday
Imagine 630am wake n 7am go to work until 12am
Until now I still haven't open insta, twitter, flipboard and fb to see
No time and energy to see also
Nvm la, fb and insta also nth to see pun
Now only chit chat in whatsapp
Because we need discussion and gossip for
But today I decided to back on time
Because I want to work from home
So after I simply cook ABC soup as my dinner
Ya, just soup because by the time cooking the soup
I can go for shower and open my pappy and start to do my work
All ingredients just put in then wait for it
Only soup as dinner because I don't want heavy dinner
And no appetite since freaking tired too
Today daddy called me to complain bout sis
This morning he fetch sis go to lcct
But Sis didn't pick up Janet cal so Janet find me to contact her
So I called my dad ask him to ask sis to pick up Janet cal
Alright, daddy just wanna tell me the reason why sis din pick up cal
Because almost arrive lcct, she only realized she din bring her new Samsung note 2 along
And she catching her flight to Taiwan
So daddy have to rush for her and drive quite fast
That's why daddy call me jus now to complain
Haiz sis, hopefully u won't left or lost anything in Taiwan
Have a fun and safe journey
Most important help me buy my things, okay?
But I feel better after heard my day's voice as I'm freaking tired looking at reporting
Whenever comes to quarter end - mar, jun, sep n dec
Week 3 is the week I'll cry because reporting is so freaking killing me
This week ended faster please
So that I can rest next week onwards
Argh.. Gonna sleep now
I left only 6hours for sleep

Day by day, even it's not a good day. But I keep looking forwards the another nice day.
Good night!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

准 IV

Extremely tired today
Imagine I drive from nilai to seremban in the early of the morning 730am
Then from seremban rush to office at cyberjaya before 10am
As usual 10am meeting 
Then stay back till 730pm only finished work
Oh.. So you think only today I stay back late?
Actually almost everyday 
Even drive also feel like wanna fall sleep
Seeing the flight no matter airasia or MAS is flying across the sky front of me when driving
My eyes feel so heavy!
Tired ahhhhhhh...
By the way, today the doctor is so cute and smart and shine!
I mean the doctor I met in hospital this morning
His smile is so sweet until I'm melting
Fall in love with him on first sight!
Can't believe that I go onwards and ask his name
Omg omg lmao!
Not bad mah I'm wearing short skirt with make up too
Should b ok kot 
I mean not 失礼 mah at least
Hmm..he is younger than me a year but age is not a prob right?
Omg I'm syok sendiri?! Hahahahaha
By the way, he is really nice and I like him! Lol
Talk bout today
Karin is asking why linearity only 67% while we almost fully utilized the budget 1 billion.
Hello Karin, you better ask your Europe marketing team why they never do work efficient la
Still wanna blame us wah.. Cheh 
Another reason causing me stay back late because v busy playing my iPad mini
Icon pop mania is a fun games!
I caused most of my colleagues playing on it and we trying to solve it together
Luckily when the time driving back home the traffic is smooth and of course 100km/h is needed
Oh mama, pls let me go home on time tomorrow, ok? T T

Dear lord, appreciate a day even though with mess, because I know it's a challenge for me to test my patience and ability. I know, so the end of today, it's tiring but I know there's another day waiting for me. Look forward, move forward, think positive, live happily. Everything will be fine and nice, finger crossed. 

Don't misunderstand that I'm a Christian. I'm just a free thinker but with religion Buddhist. I went church as well as temple. As long as I believe there is god, so here you are. Seldom pray but praise inside my heart. This is the way how I be myself.

Keat, tired still can type so long. Lol
Actually when I type in English means I'm tired to type in Chinese
Alright, hopefully the next post will be in Chinese because this mean I'm not tired and
I like to type in Chinese
It's much more cute and funny when blogging
Thursday I wanna go and meet Kim Jong koo and lee min ho! Oppa! 나는 당신을 사랑합니다!!
Ouch, bed time story
Tonight songs - Gary 曹格 songs

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Today when on the way for lunch 
Sitting in Ryan new Honda accord
Radio is displaying gentleman by psy
Pei wen and Wilson seems dislike this song
However me and Ryan are quite enjoying this song 
Wilson " this song will get addicted"
Me " ok ah, quite funny"
Pei wen "yer.. Nice meh? Very annoying le"

So they asked " what song you like, Kat?"
Hmm.. Let me think...
So here it is ..

A nice with meaningful lyric from Mayday
" don't listen to soft and sad love song when you're not in the mood"

"Wedding dress"
It's surprising because rarely my male friends like Korea song except Weevi
But this song is highly recommended and now I found my kaki - Weevi 
Seriously Weevi I tot you like Japan Mika or Miko nia XD
I like Korea song since TVXQ during secondary school until now G dragon BigBang and SNSD
Japanese song I do like too coz of the real inspired me was " first love" this song
Actually not only songs but I also chase Korea and Japan drama ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆^_^

His new album 
My favorite singer and as we'll as his ex Britney's song

English songs I like all
Jazz R&B hip hop love song and so on
It's all depends on your mood today
Sad and slow love song
Club song fast and exciting
Jazz for peaceful and relaxing
It's all depends on your mood 

"Live your life with music
Music is my life "

Sunday, June 9, 2013

准 II

White tee short pants flipper on
That's the way of dress up with my pals outing
Everyone wearing the same style same colors
We are, friends machi buddy pals
Went for movie " Now you see me"
It's a nice tricky story and its nice.. Movie! Magic!
Good thing always when I use Citibank credit card
No matter old or new movies, it only rm10 for it
Whenever comes to shopping or dining
Definitely our pals got UOB, HSBC, CIMB, Maybank, PB and etc are ready for it
To enjoy the privilege of those cards
It's a wonderful Sunday
But too bad, shit does happened
My Starbucks tumbler where i bought from Taiwan is fall and broke
It's broken into 2 parts where inner and outer
Took a pic share to my pals whatsapp group chat
All tease me to buy a new one
"Now I see you" my buddy all laugh me
Sad ahhhh
Now I can understand Kah Seang feeling Liao
His new iPad iPhone Samsung note whatever new gadget confirm will fell on floor and screen cracked
Even his current new HTC also can't avoid the fate of drop on floor and send for warranty coz just newly bought a week
He told me he felt heartache when iPad fall and screen cracked then he can't sleep well
Now I know the feeling
Not dare to tease n laugh on him next time Liao
My tumbler gg already
Hopefully my sis going taiwan next week will get me a new one
Finally got a chance to sit in teana when yesterday lepak at cyber jays Starbucks
Ya, whose teana?
The one owner of Latio, triton and also teana - Kah Seang
Sorry coz I no treat dio u
Hahahahaha coz u always "wut" me to treat u
Btw, since u treat me so nice and so gentlemen also
Seriously next Time ill treat u back, I promised (^∇^)
It's almost bed Time story
Gonna listen to " mirror" this song before I sleep
Addicted to Justin timberlake new album
Seriously he is one of my favorite singer ever since N'sync
And lastly share a quote with you all before I ciao~

最重要的是学会 自爱"
"我爱你 说的太多次,就会变的很卑贱了"