Sunday, October 13, 2013


Ok, it's been awhile I din update my bloggy
Let me summarize overall before I wanna post some nonsense 
Recently met quite lots of friends
And found that recently I don't have to pay for my meal
Especially kaw kaw meal
This is the benefit as lady I guess x)
So I met with Vinn tan, dinner @ Ishin old kiang road, a super kaw Japanese restaurant where their sashimi kills me. Freaking yummylicious! Of course, bill around rm230, thanks Vinn for the treat. Next round is my turn for the bill, marini 57! kamsahaminda~
Then met with hui, seremban famous crab bakar, such a gentlemen that come from malacca to nilai then down to seremban and nilai again. Of course, sinful crab, kill'em all! Bill about rm130. Again, I'm eating free for it. X) kamsahaminda ~
Then outing with colleagues, Zamia sushi @sunway. Salmonssss nom nom.. Bills? Hahaha, I'm eating free again for the rm120 bill XD kamsahaminda ~
Last Monday I met with Woen since he came down from AS. Sushi tei@ setiawalk. Actually I'm planning to treat Woen as I appreciate him as a fren that I should treat him better since long ago. But Woen insist to pay for it again.. Kamsahaminda ~ a great chit chat night with him & Thomad lee farn.
Then Thursday & Friday get colleagues treat McD breakfast n Jeff for the old town supper. I feel so hang fuk & sinful~ kamsahaminda ~
Yesterday outing with buddy Kyle @ gardens, thanks for the lunch n komugi is so niceeee ~ kamsahaminda~
That's it.. Hopefully I din missed out anyone that pay for my meal. 
So here start my nonsense post.

When these pic doesn't appear in insta, it means it'll b in my bloggy.
The result of work hard on gym recently.

I shall work hard more on tummy n butterfly hand XD 
Aza aza exercise more!

Cheese muffin made by colleagues :) yummy

To prove to my colleagues that my language last time quite good
Somehow I dunno why now I got language barrier already ._.
Speak or written so cacat

Trophies that made my parents proud for us
70% belongs to me 'winks'

Oh.. My height used to be quite "tall" last time
Now getting short and I dunno why.. Haha
But weight quite maintain

Team building I shows my talent on drawing
Monkey loves banana ~ team name crazy monkey!

Too big size for me so din buy this but get another pieces of Paul frank!

This is my 志同道合 eh colleagues, we share same shopping, travel n food topic. We loves branded stuff, like to eat nice foods, travel n we both same pattern. That's y ppl cal me 串,cal her 跩。 Josephine, my lovely colleague.

Recently like to dress red or wear red shoes to work. Same as Josephine. That's why we both so ngam. Same gepo. XD

Overall nonsense I post
Never 按例出章
So this is my cincai bloggy for today
Not working for Monday & Tuesday!
Yay thanks company for the holiday 
But I'm going to sleep & have fun for my 2 days holiday!

Night peng & stay tuned a better bloggy post :*

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

噢,脱吧! I

Here comes October!!
I should post yesterday but yesterday bit lazy
So here comes October!
My lovely October~
30th sep, last day of sept! typical OL lady suit for Monday super blueeeeyyy
Chubby bear .. I mean me peng XD 

Tuesday outfit 1st October
Yes I'm a shorty! XD fatty soon :(

Wear skirt can't play gym.. Geram..
Do more exercise, bye tummy bye carrot leg. Hehehe
Way to de-stress~with colleagues

That's all for today sin
Saje cincai update my bloggy

Night :* peng