Saturday, September 21, 2013

色 tempo II

I can't believe I work from 8am until 5am 
I just arrived home
And I don't know whether I can fall sleep or not
But for sure
I need a good rest
That's all for today
Good morning people
Good night to myself peng
Sweet dream~

Friday, September 20, 2013


Starting my post today
Happy moon cake festival people!
I wish to celebrate and back home for reunion dinner
But, I just finish work at 11.30pm
Back to home, already 12am..haven't shower, haven't dinner
Gastric due to no eat or because I ate few slides of moon cake 
No idea why tummy not feeling good
Recall back yesterday the same time I back to home
Extremely exhausted
Fall sleep terus, skipped dinner n no shower 
My team stay back with me together
We try to solve everything
Now, today is last day to solve everything
40% left.. Not sure can we done by end of Friday
This is the pay after holiday I back from few trips
This morning rush to bank, pay 3k outstanding balance, terminate the credit card
Finally, I reduced my 4 credit cards into only one citibankcard left to use
The next gonna settle is ptptn loan 
Not a good feeling carrying so many debts
Then rush back to office to handle my team
Now seeing fb, insta everyone post about moon cake festival
I wish to play tanglung, celebrate with family and friends
But.. We can't..
Too many things happens and I don't know how to describe and write down
No more energy to write more already
Hopefully I sleep now, wake and settle all
And I want fully utilize my weekend!
Lastly happy moon cake festival ppl! :3 <3
Sleeeeep.. Night :)
Will update some interesting post if I'm free on weekend later~
Stay tuned peng!