Sunday, January 29, 2012

So So CNY~♥

It's been few weeks do not update my blog
not really busy but not really free
just lazy to switch on my computer
haha, phone is the easiest gadget for me to online if I want to
getting lazy to on fb
sometimes few days only on fb n comment or click like the latest post
fb, a boring place
so don't be surprise if I no online everyday
because nothing to do if on fb
nothing to see pun

so finally got some time for me to update my blog on this lovely Sunday~
hmm ..
2012 hor?
CNY hor?
well, my life so so lo ..
working life, can't expect it'll be fun or what
just focusing on earn money, earn more money and then
spend it all. syok~! :D
Trying to find a balancing between my single life and working life
travelling trip with my pals during weekend
yup, just went back from pahang , Ipoh n penang
a wonderful and gain weight trip :p
CNY also the same
not much different
eat, play, fun and gambling
enjoying the every single moment when we gather together
my friends,
they always cheers me up when I'm stress on my work
ya, my work ...
really getting lost on it
feel so lazy to work
Urgh... mummy says marry a rich man then no need think liao
haiz, I wish I could lo, mi~! x)

Anyway, still in CNY mood and wish not to think much bout my work
waiting my Krabi+phuket trip that coming soon~
Happy Chinese New Year peoples~
Gong Xi Fa Cai and huat ar~ !!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year 2012 1st post

1st Jan 2012
I've an awesome trip with my pals
bkt tinggi, pahang 1 day trip
afterwards genting kelang dinner
pavilion movie and lepak lepak til late night 2am
it's fun coz of 10 ppls, but weirdo 5 cars
haha, don't ask me why we cant fit into 2-3 cars
because every1 departure time no same!

At last, it's a happy beginning for new year 2012~  
2012 new year new hope
I wish all my friends, family stay healthy and wish you all may your dream comes true!!