Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

X'mas bbq party!
-cheese hotdog, squids, prawns, chicken wings, fishes, corn, marshmallow, lamb, green pepper etc!-

alright, no image at all coz i'm enjoying the food~

after Choy arrived at 12.30am 26/12/2011
our 'late' gift exchange is start~

yea, I got this!

and pi laugh me coz i look alike this bear!

a group photo

and Lastly, every1 got their presents and full stomach!

party for 2 night since X'mas eve
everyday also late night back to home
and time to recharge before our trip on New year eve!!

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year~

Saturday, December 17, 2011


recently feeling so lost
and keep on ask myself
''what your want?''
''what should do?''
''why like that 1?''
''so how?''
and I just can't answer these simple questions
because I really don't know what I want to do actually
just felt that there is no future
doubting myself
''Am I really want to be stay in lab? I tot myself prefer run sales more?''
''Should I accept the as Manager offer? but I can't handle it ..''
everyone just come and ask me
''how to settle this?''
and I just feel like
''I also dunno, dun ask me, please ...''
I can be very happy when i'm on fb
and everyone, will come and leave a comment or even click a like
but you will never know
I'm not happy actually
I can be very free and relax when i'm on fb
and click those link that I like, leave a comment if I'm willing to
but you will never know
I'm boring actually
you will think that i look great everyday
In fact,
I'm working like a zombie everyday
boss will only see 'result'. she will never ask ''how you gonna settle it''
so, I work till die also need to show her the 'result', I mean 'a result that she willing accept''
office politics just so sucks
and before she leave, she left alot of shyt and ask me to taste it
I know work will be like this
but I never tot I can't handle it
I just feeling so lost
day dreaming
everyone ask for resolution la 2012 la
but I just dunno what I want
just so feeling lost !

Sunday, December 11, 2011

♥ women's best friend~

After a few tiring weeks, my long waited weekend is here finally
gathering day with chai ling and some other friends @ Sunway pyramid
spent more than 12 hours til late night only back to home
so some story of my day~

trying some apps effect

funny expression xD

 blueeee ~ @ FOREVER 21

and lastly something I bought
after I bought a gold ring for myself few months back
here comes my 2nd luxury
my 1st diamond 
diamond is women's best friend!! 
price? erm ... = 1 LV bag or 1 iphone 4s
so.. super broke now T T
and spent whole day learnt about diamond
just found out diamond got such deep knowledge with grade, cutting surface, clarity etc
for sure
I'm in love with this super luxury now
my X'mas present for this year! ♥ and what will come the next?
wish list wish list wish list 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

something goes wrong

Early morning received msg from senior
telling me she now in hospital
maybe can give birth already
and I just
''please weh, i'm not ready for all these ..''
shyt, need to go to office early
and in charge my department
make sure everything under control
and tension feel around the office
not really in mood and my stupid colleague
dunno what happened to her
just keep sing those emo love song front of me
and still she mentioned : dedicate for you, Ms Lim
and I just '' LOL, pls dun disturb my recovering mood weh''
and she just : ''I understand you'' X)
yeah, sure she understand me
she coupled 10years bf told her, '' I wan to marry, but not with you''
and she heartbroken
so she say: she can understand my feels
yes, I can understand her feels too
''to letting go something you loved the most, is hard''
so, I sing together wit her
to celebrate ''you know me, I know you''
gossip around and laugh out loud
made myself more tired nia
coz gonna take over all a 'Manager' job and currently my own 'Senior' job
what to do is run test, sign and approve document,
playing around, run here and there
sing song and shyt ..
emo love song just so emo ...
still the best thing for today is the good news
my boss will go for Korea vacation for a week start from tomorrow! hurray~
hahahaha, at least something good happen today :)
cheers pEng, cheers! everything gonna be alright!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


失眠 为了什么失眠
总之 心情差就对了
好在 我还有朋友
难得的事 居然能约到久违的欣和佩
佩就别说了 从英国回来都不知在忙些什么
整个夜晚 话题聊了许久
如果他还在 昨夜聚会会更完美
他家人全都在 不知该说些什么
我想失眠的这几夜 睡眠不够
我居然拿起了电话 打了给他 要求了见他
加快速度着 害怕我会错过
赶到了 却来不及
只能看一眼 而说再见
至少看到了 从你眼里 你的脸上
写满了 她给了你100%完美的日子
我想 看了你最后一眼
明年 远离了这 我的未来会更幸福的

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Please ...

Office politic always exist, yeah I know
but please la, you can gossip about anything, but never is privacy thing
1 time 2 times I can treat it as a joke
but not everytime, please...
Dear Admin aunt, we both same from nilai taman
i nvr go gossip your thing and i don't mind you gossip my thing
but why you wan to tell the whole world bout my family thing
Don't understand why you want to tell others ''I'm rich''
''Ms. Lim very rich le, just bought a new shop and new house ... bla bla bla''
fine, I don't mind others know if we own this new property
but don't keep put needle on your every single sentence, please?
''Ms. Lim very rich de lo, this little money she don't care de''
''Ms. Lim later become tauke soh sendiri lo, not like us need be kuli lo.. haiz''
''Ms. Lim day day eat expensive thing de lo, go here go there de.. not like us .. haiz''
and I just ''damn, why it sounds so sour and so many needles in your sentences''?
and still you can smile and laugh front of me
please stop gossip bout my family and mention 'rich' this word
so what? we got shops, houses, cars everything
and my parent retired before their aged 60 and travelling to oversea every month
so what?
you don't even know how hard our life that we been through .. those bankrupt life..
you don't even know we got all these things but we 7 ppls lives under a single storey house, sharing only 3 rooms
you don't even know what we want just normal life
I'm not like those girls who does really 'rich', using burberry, LV, coach etc things
I like those brands but I never beg my family buy it for me or even own it
Parents taught us, what you want, get it yourself
hell yeah, I use iphone, so? this mean rich when I use my own salary to get it?
hell yeah, I drive new car, so? this mean rich when I gonna pay it by my monthly salary?
please, I'm not lucky and rich like the others can go oversea for study
just because in our family, only those qualified and great in study only can go for it
and damn I just failed my degree coz of love stuff
and hell I'm not like others wil get luxury when my bday
so, please, stop talking ''i'm rich''
and if you work hard n save money, u can b like me, travelling around ..
please, don't make me hate nilai gepo eh ah soh
if you don't know anything about me, don't judge me like this
please don't do that to me, i'm seriously ...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


很多的人不肯 所以放弃了
说真的 我不是不肯
钱难赚 每个人都知道
那卑微的薪水 我肯了
从QC chemist 到 R&D chemist
肩负assistant Manager 和 QA executive 的side position
近日晋升至Senior Chemist
现在 我不想啃了 也不肯了
逼我递出飞机票才放我的人 却转个身告诉所有的人
'现在的年轻人就是会享受 哪里都去 去普吉岛啦 去新加坡啦'
原本我不会在意 毕竟钱是我的 脚是我的 我开心就好
希望老板你能检讨 为什么每个月都会有人辞职
别说我们做得不好 只是你给的不够别人好
你会知道 你再也找不到
啃了你那卑微的薪水 却做了4个人的工
因为我肯 放弃现在的 我会有更好的未来

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

对不对 ?

人事调动 冻薪 也都算了
就算会 我一个人也做不完啊
很想找个人 让我依靠
没事的 没事的

我等的 还是你

Saturday, November 19, 2011


而是全部的人 所有的人
别问我 很忙吗 你怎么了
我没什么 每天都很轻松
所以我没事 ..
听见了吗 ?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cycling day 05.11.2011

step on greeny

A nice view

2 hours cycling is so tiring~


Kelvin-Rebecca-C hui-Adam

Take a break~

Putrajaya view

I'm leaving ...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

phuket 四人行 24-28 Sept 2011

pEng at phuket <3 <3

pEng at maya bay~

beautiful flowers 

my room with swan decoration~

phi phi island <3

you always be with me :' ) @ phi phi island

raining whole day and freaking cold with strong wind @ big buddha

Breakfast @ Baan phill guest house

I believe I can touch the sky~!

A tiny me front of the wat chalong temple

lovely wind, lovely sea and lovely me c:

A tiring me with  麦当劳叔叔

RM150 per person for a phuket fantasea show~
the most expensive show in my life~~

Happy ending for my 5 days 4 nites phuket trip
love you guys <3
Richard, Kenny, Steron and pEng =)