Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Up to you

"up to you"
Well, I like this sentences so much
Yeah, I say it to my boss

Too many things happened in these days
I'm frustrated once again
Expected ill get scold
Coz I know its not my fault
Fine, you just wanna find someone to angry and letting go ur anger
Nvm, jus scold
I'm get used to it
but please boss
I'm really no eyes to see u
Whatever u wan to do
Jus go ahead, up to u!
Coz u nvr think the consequence if u done so
Who's going to responsible for it
Don't u noe NPCB, JKKP & Kualiti Alam wil question me?
You're putting me on the table..
At the end I argued with boss
Ended she quiet n refuse to talk wit me
I also lazy to see her face
This will make me more moody n hard to concentrate on my work
Luckily I got my phone
At least I know what's the reason I buy iPhone
To whatsapp and LiNE chat wit my best frens chai ling

Working life
What's the meaning of all these?
Peng, whr is ur dream that u wish to make it since long time ago?
I asked myself

Whr it is?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012



Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm so freeeee~

Recently very very free
While waiting for audit
Everyday me n my senior keep on searching for new career
Yes we're bored
Bored to be here
So here's something funny happened
Boss wanna put a CCTV screen on our department
For what? Hahahhaha
To let us see who's outside the gate then we go open the gate
Walao.. Since when our QC department become "jaga" also har?
Really LMAO!!!
Boss :"everything under QC"
We :" who know someday toilet also under our control ar?"
Ridiculous boss!!
You're so funny :|
Everyday discussing bout job n salary
What a life~
boss always give some "mission impossible" while we always lie to ourselves "nothing is impossible"
Hahahhaha, senior chemist really not easy to do..
All these time I tot chemist wil b my dream job n I did make it n tahan for 2 years on my 1st career.. Cham Liao..
I think I study wrong courses Tim..
Haiz.. Whr wil b the next?
Unbelievable I decided to work at HQ office at USA!!
So, see me after this!
My dream life, I'll make it someday.. This I promise you :)