Monday, January 28, 2013

Ehem ehem

Coughing night
Sleepless night
Cough til voiceless
Cough til heartache


How am I going to speak to interviewer tomorrow?! :(

Please bo bi me tmwr shun shun Li Li

I need some luck, just a little bit more!

Let my voice come back pls!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


It's kind of ridiculous when u did nothing
But u've been pulled into a war
A war between a pair of couple And a kiddo
Block and unfriend is what I get
I don't even care
Non of my business
I don't lose anything at all
Just please!
Don't come and Tell me what happen to them and what you feels
It's your war with them
Not me!
I treat you as friend so I willing to chat with you
Doesn't mean I'm free enough to listen the story about my ex and his current gf
Ops, sorry, he don't even admit so he is not my ex, I mean, he is just a friend I knew 5 years ago
Perhaps you'll be mature enough, kiddo
Pls stop the attacking rumors and the war with them.
You Younger than me a year doesn't mean you're still young.

2013, I got my own life, with my love, caring me, accompanied me since 2012. And now I feel relived after my Taiwan trip. Plenty of plans to be moving on and to be achieved and settled down.

2013, please be good to me and please

I don't want to know anything about him or her anymore.
So please don't comes and complain to me.

Sincerely please you. Pls be mature. And don't disturb me, as a friend.

Thank you,