Monday, February 27, 2012


最近 失眠闹得很凶
梦见了 自己健在的朋友突然不在人世
梦见了 已不在人世的朋友回来找我
梦见了 许多许多可怕的 意外

最近 心情闹便扭
忘了 自己的银行转账密码
启动了安全系统 这下 完蛋了 不能用了
该死的  却记得  那公司电邮的密码
该死的  却记得  那公司像 买万字一样长的电话号码
我却忘了 我自己的电话号码
我却忘了 我家人的电话号码

最近 失眠闹得很凶
梦里 感觉有无数的工 做不完
梦里 梦着明天我要做些什么
该死的 我的生活 就只有工作吗?
该死的 我明明就递了 辞职信
为什么 要这样用合约来约束我?
为什么 答应了的 你没做?

最近 心情闹便扭
突然很想 很想 就这样走了
有些事 不想管了 不想理了 不想知道了


Saturday, February 11, 2012

terrible date in Feb

When people talk about Feb
nothing, but Valentine
gosh .. for a single ppl like me
not really dislike tis 14 feb but
please la, still i'll envy couples lo!

everyone came and ask
''whr u go when Valentine?''
''any plan?''
''who date you ar?''

and I just ignored all the msg and Qs
ya la, sad me nobody date
Valentine only mah :(

But still I glad I got my friends
coz we've bought air ticket a year ago
tmwr 12 feb
i'm going to Krabi, Phuket Thailand for 5 days 4 nites trip~!!
my Valentine will b celebrate with my pals
and .. at least for this year I'm not alone lo~ ~

Still I wish all the couples stay sweet and
Happy Valentine to you all~ 
Happy holiday to myself~
Happy Degree Convo to my sis~
never forget to wish you too
wish you stay happy with her ...
Truly madly deeply

Enjoy your day everyone!!! 

Saturday, February 4, 2012


recently damn down and emo
there's not much things can bring me down
except work!
I just can't accept
whatever you promised before, you didn't make it
a nice offer?
this kind of increment ?!!
been helped you for settled all your projects
now you give such low offer for me?
fine, never mind
knew you're a kiam siap people already
knew you'll only talk nicely and empty talk
fine, never mind
but now you hide inside the toilet and listen whatever peoples talk
it's such rude and cheap action!!!
you think you're the boss then you can do whatever you want??
don't you know what is privacy?
damn you boss
really damn disappointed on you
been working for almost 2 years
if you don't trust me
please don't hire me
I never doubt my working performance and even my attitude!

still I want to shout out loud
''Fuck you boss!''
''I quit!'' grrrr~~~~