Sunday, July 21, 2013

猪来 III

After been stuck in hospital for 29hours and I'm discharged :)
Well, testing will be done in Australia, report come out in 2 weeks time
I can't do anything, just pray result is negative because SLE can't cure and will lead to fatal :'(
God bless, finger crossed *wink*
So definitely weekend is here
Fun time again~
When 230pm Kyle whatsapp me saying he is coming
I thought he is kidding coz I'm still ironing my clothes n eng eng Bo dai ji (lepak) 
But when a new altis outside my house
Gosh, he is really here..
Lol, I rush in 5mins to change clothes and wear lens
Why we go so early to the mall if we wanted to watch 830pm MOS?
Because we wanna shopping!!!
Hang out with edward and andrew too
1 lady vs 3 guys
Feels like I'm a little pig with 3 wolf XD ( there's a restaurant named 3 little pig & wolf )
In fact I feel I'm the park ha in Korean drama name "the rooftop prince"
She got 4 guys accompany
Now I got 3 only coz missing Kah Seang the prince lol lol lol *cry laugh* because he back to Penang hometown
Again I controlled myself from buying the pandora bracelet 
It's nice but.. Take some time for me to make it complete
When pass by gardens Burberry
Gosh, shopping devil is attracting me ..
I want to buy Burberry again :(
But I got no budget for it
Alright, don't dream anymore, okay?
Before movie, definitely have to settle dinner
Wrong timing because buka puasa, everywhere Also full with people
So we got no choice have to eat Korean food at gardens which at least no long queue and stil got seats for us one
Overall ok ok only
Then movie MoS also so so for me only
Finished movie at 10pm then supper at cyberjaya :)
That's all for my great day :)
The reason I blogging during 2am right now because I just came back and out from bath
While waiting my hair is drying, so I wanna write down sth wonderful today
It's quite sometime I did not selfca becoz my face getting chubby :( working hard on this XD 
So share one over here : D
Alright gonna sleep, it's 232am, my liver need rest ~~

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Today is a good day and is a bad day

Lets start with bad thing first because I want a good ending
Bad thing happened because due to my mistake 
I can't blame others 
I wash all my clothes and get a call something emergency happened so 
I forgot to keep all my dry clothes into the house
I never thought that sunny hot day turns to rain when I out for 30 mins
Damn the moment I shout Ccb mcb mtfkrs inside my heart when i saw my clothes get dirt
Due to it falls in the drain
Is my stupid mistake, I should keep it all before I go out
Fine I have to do laundry again
Darn some clothes expensive n leceh to wash de le! Especially the fcuk brand shirt
Sum ore do facial today
Face all dots dots now.. Urgh....

Alright alright calm down calm down peng
Talk bout something makes my day
I went out early to mall this morning 
To get a farewell pressie on behalf of my team
So these are the pressie~
More than $200 :|

And bought something for dee n myself too :)
I'm in love with this brand
Even though it's bit costly
It's more classic compared to Thomas sabo
Well just a charm, I will make it full with bracelet someday <3

And just had a long night pillow talk with Michelle at living room
She asked me bout my long old story
I can't remember all coz I forgotten some 
When come to topic branded
Hahha now I can remember I got this
I should send it to shop for polish since long time ago
She reminded me I got this precious branded before

The next is my first watch ever
Fossil <3
But I have to send back to fix because of the leather strap opened up
Asked fossil shop, they said need to send back to their factory at ampang if I want the ori same color
Hmm..I'm thinking should I get it another color of strap?

I like my everything with all the money I earn and I spent
I feel I'm the happiest lady for this moment as I own things than others might not
Thanks god for blessing me always
I earn, I spent, I save and I use
Most important, I love..
The next I guess I shall buy a Tiffany stuff and a tissot watch
Hmm.. Xmas present for myself maybe 😇
Treat myself better for work hard on it

Ops, it's already 2am
Alright gonna sleep
Tmwr gonna hang out with buddy :)
Goodnight Michelle coz a long night accompany at living room jus now 
Wish you got a good sleep
And of course
Sleep well peng <3

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

猪来 I

我 才刚放工
10pm- 11pm 的live meeting
靠 下次可不可以不跟美国时间啊?
真的很折磨 eh
终于熬过了 我也没什么认真的听他们说些什么
管你的 总之 现在赶完了明天要交的报告
好久都没说的 tata!