Monday, December 3, 2012



It's complicated
I don't know what kind of feeling for this whole December
as usual
insomnia happened most the time
thinking of those 
those memories in my life that I've forgotten
I'm trying hard to recall it
what's in my memories

December 2012
Kit leave for 2 years
time flies
and it's been 2 years time
Steven leave for 3 weeks
and I'm still here
regret coz I didn't attend the funeral
thinking of these
these people walk into my heart
read my mind
they found the key to open it
they are 
exists deeply true into my heart

December 2012
work pressure never stop
bad luck never stop
and all these tons of shit
its totally drowning me
count down day by day
waiting for next month Taiwan trip
I dont give a fuck
so I will just leave all this shit behind
walking away from here
It's more than 2 years
and It's more than enough

December 2012
It's been 2 years
The funniest and awkward moment
When you seeing him is dating with another girl right in front you
those forgotten memories automatic is recalling back
and the next step
i'm just walk away
just walk away
''why don't you just go into the front and say Hello and give them a bless?''
I'm not sure
he is willing to see my presence in his life or 
I'm not sure
he is totally absence from my life
For no reason
I just wanna walk away
from this terrible December

It's been 2 years
How many years should I take
towards the end?

'Give a break, take a breathe; leave the shit, don't eat it'
peng, everything gonna be alright
you need some time
just a little bit more
a little bit more then is just enough
everything will be fine
god bless always, finger crossed.