Sunday, April 22, 2012


Been heard from my friend
''I saw you travelling quite often, quite envy you''

hmm ..
Let me think about it
'Yeah, you're right, I think I am :3 ''

Let's recall back where I've been and places I'll be there for this 2 thousand 12. - 2o12 

Jan - Bukit tinggi, pahang & Penang
Feb - Phuket & Krabi, thailand
Mar - Alor Setar & Penang
Apr - Melacca
May - Alor Setar & Penang
Jun - planning ...
Jul - Singapore
Aug - Cameron 
Sept - planning
Oct - USS, Singapore
Nov - planning ...
Dec - planning ...

Well, after listed out,
gosh, I guess I did really 'cuti-cuti malaysia' quite often
but for alor setar & penang coz of work outstation
if not, I guess i wont simply travel to there ...

May is coming
a month starting from today,
is my birthday!
hmm, gonna buy sth to pamper myself soon :)
saving money mode is turned on!
I gonna get you soon~! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

April fool

April fool
totally really fool me ...
Due to tension and din rest well after non stop Kedah, KL trip
and some office politic issues
made me hormone imbalance
this is the first time happened in  my life
period for about 2 weeks
damn ...
made me felt tired and nearly anemia
seek for doctor and
damn ..
you think maternity doctor very cheap ar?
Hello, consulted and some medicine costed RM200++ !!!
and I should fucking glad that medicine works
and finally hormone is back to normal level and I got back my NORMAL LIFE!
you have no idea how suffer a girl/women during period
''pain, uncomfortable feel, emotion''
and worst is can't even take leave :(
and now the biggest April fool in my life
a lab technician complain her leader- microbiologist
and supposing Micro lab ain't under my supervision since I'm in charge Chemical Lab
shyt weh... you 2 ppl wan fight also choose right timing & location la!
what the hell you fight front of BOSSS??
and lab technician,
please la you should know your own position,
you just a lab technician, how could you scold some rude word on your leader?
mcb betul coz at the end,
I'm so innocent and involved in this stupid office politic
lab technician, you wan resign then resign la, what the hell you tell boss you wan to transfer to my department and under me?
''Hello, you think if i need assistant, I'll choose you meh? Who knows someday you will scold me like how you treat your previous leader?''
shyt .. even myself also got plenty work to do already
still wan to take care a 'baby' and a 'mama'
i'm not babysitter la..boss
don't keeep on throw rubbish for me la
you really think i'm god i'm superwomen meh?
celaka your India project
you should fucking glad and thanks to me coz I helped you completed this fucking 1 year + RM700k project ...
fuck you, boss

*sorry for the rudeness, I just can't accept this April fool!*