Saturday, September 27, 2014


It's been awhile I do not write any post or blog 
Hmm... Since nothing to do now
Ya nothing to do because boyfie watching MU match.. Boring..
Soon will be 1 year anniversary with boyfie in relationship .. Lol "anniversary" XD 
And 2 weeks ago 911 is his birthday
Yup.. Is 11th sept
Just a simple birthday dinner at zanmai, no gift no surprise and no gift from me to him
Lol.... Not I'm poor or kedekut
But he bought himself a car as his birthday present & he got it on 911 this day.. Match with his car plate sumore..
Kia cerato k3.. Even still I prefer his vios :( but new car ain't bad la... :p
So.. I only treat him that birthday dinner .. Hahahaha.. 
I requested for a trip to Taiwan as anniversary celebration But boyfie say I just back from Bali & few trips back
So.. No more oversea trip this year.. Huhuhuh... Why? T^T
Yer.. The Bali trip so so for me only.. I still prefer Thai compared Indonesia 
I wanna holiday & go somewhere :(((

Today pilot Aidan bought his new car.. 
Unpredictable that he bought same car like boyfie, just different color ..
by the way, his Kia Forte total lost because he drunk & bang
Pilot Franky also drive new k2 Kia Rio.. House macam Kia cars show room.. Seeing that 3 fella talking bout Kia car club thingy.. Boring...

I wanna go trip :( please.... 

Oh Ya, next week going back penang because boyfie Need to drive his vios back for his mum use while I'm going drive his new car depart together..tehehe.. :D
Go penang considered trip or not? 


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